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Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis 

Apostolic Nuncio to Korea (1991-1997)

Biography at Catholic-Hierarchy.org

Photos of Eucharistic miracles witnessed by Archbishop Bulaitis:

November 24, 1994

February 28, 2010

Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis (1933-2010), passed away Christmas Day 2010. He had been Apostolic Nuncio to Korea from 1991 to 1997 and witnessed a miraculous descent of the Eucharist on Julia's hands and another Eucharist descending on Julia's tongue during his visit to Naju on November 24, 1994. On February 28, 2010, during a Mass in a chapel in the Vatican, Archbishop Bulaitis again witnessed a miraculous change of the Eucharist into visible Flesh and Blood in Julia's mouth. 

Over the sixteen years from 1994 to 2010, Archbishop Bulaitis presented several reports on Naju to the Holy See, which prompted the Holy See to begin its official investigation of Naju in April 2008.  It has been known that the Holy See under the Servant of God Pope John Paul II and also under the current Pope Benedict XVI has been favorable on Naju. The delay of the official recognition so far has been caused by the opposition of the liberal priests in Korea. Now, Archbishop Bulaitis can help us from Heaven with his intercessory prayers.


During a Mass in memory of Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, Julia Kim of Naju saw the Archbishop giving a blessing and being raised to Heaven

The "Family of Roses" (volunteer helpers) in Naju offered a Mass from 7:30 p.m. on December 27, 2010 in memory of Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis. At about 8:10 p.m. during the Mass, when the priest was offering the intercessory prayers after the Eucharistic Consecration, Julia Kim fervently offered up the following prayer accompanied with her extreme pains: "Lord, You have the keys to Death, Hell, and Heaven! As I am willing to suffer more for Archbishop Bulaitis, please invite him to the Heavenly Banquet and let him enjoy eternal life by the side of the Lord and the Blessed Mother." Immediately, Julia saw Jesus making a boundlessly merciful smile and heard Him saying, "Yes, My dearest little soul! Of course, I will grant your most ardent wish. You have already suffered for him. Giovanni, who has worked for Me and My Mother, will be granted to enjoy eternal happiness by the side of Me and My Mother."

As soon as Jesus finished these words, Julia saw Archbishop Bulaitis wearing a shining white garment and beaming with a radiant smile across his face. The Archbishop looked younger and very healthy, similar to how he had looked during his visit to Naju in 1994. He also had a complete set of healthy teeth. When Julia was visiting him in the Vatican in February 2010, he was missing several teeth. The Archbishop said to Julia, "Thank you so much!". He waved his right hand a few times and gave a blessing. Then, he was raised to Heaven, escorted by many angels. At the moment the Archbishop was giving the blessing, golden-color fragrant oil came down before Julia, which may be a sign that the Blessed Mother was with the Archbishop in giving the blessing. It also probably was a confirmation that what Julia saw and heard was not a fantasy but a reality.


- Mary's Touch By Mail, Gresham, Oregon, U. S. A., 12/31/10


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