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Numerous little rocks and tree leaves on a mountain near Naju stained with Our Lordís Precious Blood and Our Ladyís tears of blood

While Julia was doing the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Motherís Mountain near Naju in the early morning of November 9, 2001, she received a message from Our Lady and saw a vision of Our Lord suffering terrible pains for our sins and His Precious Blood gushing out of His Seven Wounds (forehead, two hands, heart, side, and two feet) and Our Lady also shedding tears of blood.  Soon afterwards, Julia and several others who were with her found little rocks and fallen tree leaves at the site of the Stations of the Cross stained with blood and even little pieces of flesh.  They immediately knew that these were Our Lordís Precious Blood and Flesh, torn from His Body by scourging, and Our Ladyís tears of blood.  They found hundreds of rocks and tree leaves stained with blood along the whole way between the Third Station (where Our Lord fell the first time) and the Fourteenth Station (where Our Lord was buried).  They collected all the rocks and tree leaves stained with blood for preservation and laboratory testing.  The scenes of collecting these rocks and tree leaves were photographed and videotaped.

Fr. Thomas More Chung (left) and other pilgrims 
collecting rocks stained with Our Lord's Precious Blood

The blood samples are being tested at the forensic laboratory at Seoul National University, the most reputable such laboratory in Korea.  The preliminary result shows it to be human blood.  More details will be made public later.  A Vatican-recognized team of scientists in Latin America have also indicated interest in conducting a separate test.  They will soon be traveling to Korea to examine the site of the miracles, interview the witnesses, and bring some blood samples for testing.


This descent of Our Lordís blood and flesh together with Our Ladyís tears of blood is truly a most amazing heavenly sign with a tremendous significance.  It is also a powerful reminder to all of us of the fundamental Christian truth that our salvation is made possible through Our Lordís suffering and shedding blood.

Another major miracle on the same mountain was the change of the Eucharistic species of bread and wine into those of live flesh and blood in the form of a small heart during Bishop Roman Danylakís visit on September 22, 1995.  There have also been numerous other miracles there for the past several years: physical healings via the water from the Blessed Motherís spring, the fragrance of roses, descent of fragrant oil and more.  The continuing occurrences of these miracles are the unfolding of the Lordís promise in His message on December 8, 1999, when Julia was on the Blessed Motherís Mountain together with other pilgrims:

Whenever you come here seeking My Mother and Me and cry out earnestly with all your hearts, I will bestow on you the light from My burning Sacred Heart and the light of My mercy, and my Mother will also bestow on you the light from her Immaculate Heart and the streams of the water of mercy so that you may suck milk to your heartsí content.  Then, all your thirst will be quenched; and you will be filled with graces and experience joy, love and peace.  Today, together with My Mother, who was conceived without original sin for the salvation of the world, I send down heavenly blessings to you.

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