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“The victory is in my hands!”

– The diary of Sr. Maria Natalia of Hungary (1901-1992)
Translated by Stephen A. Foglein

The crown of Sr. Natalia’s mysticism for which God has selected her is to reveal to the world the new title under which Jesus wants His Immaculate Mother to be venerated and that is: THE VICTORIOUS QUEEN OF THE WORLD.  It is the definite request of the Lord Jesus that His Immaculate Mother – as He always calls her – be venerated and loved under this new title.  Jesus has put into the hands of His Immaculate Mother the power to save the world and the victory over evil at this time.  In order to be able to free the world from evil, she needed the power of a Queen.  She was crowned Queen by the whole Trinity and got the necessary power from Them.  The title was recognized by Pope Pius XII in 1954 and May 31st was designated to honor Mary as Queen of the world, mostly based on the messages that Sr. Natalia received. 

This title of Our Heavenly Mother is not foreign to the mind of the Church.  For centuries we have prayed daily in the Rosary the Glorious Mystery of the Coronation.  God does not give empty titles, His words are full of power.  Mary was venerated since the earliest times as Queen by the saints and the people as well.  Proof of this can be found in Sacred Scripture and in the many churches that were erected to Mary as Queen. 

St. Louis Grignon, who centuries ago had a glimpse of God’s design for the future, similar to St. John’s Apocalypse (Ch. 12), describes Mary as Queen in his book: “The Perfect and True Devotion to Mary.  Let’s quote some passages:  ‘Jesus came to this world first by the Virgin Mary.  His Second Coming should be by her also.  She was not well known in His first coming, but she will be very well known before His Second Coming.  The order of Salvation required that she would remain hidden at the first coming, and only her Son, Jesus, would be known.  In His Second Coming God Himself will reveal Mary.  No even her parents knew her truly, even the angels asked often among themselves, who is she?’” . . . . .

The Blessed Virgin told me (Sr. Maria Natalia) that the decisive victory which will end the saturation of the world with lies, and that will open the way of the promised holy peace, will come when Satan will have gained power everywhere, when he will have seduced most souls, when in his haughtiness, which knows no bounds, he will feel that he can ruin all God’s creation, including souls; when the true faith and light will live only in a few souls, because all of uncertain will have gone over to his side; then the victory will come suddenly and unexpectedly. . . . .


“Listen to what I say: the victory is in my hands!”

Many asked me how we are to understand the power of the Blessed Virgin over the world.  The answer came from the Holy Virgin herself:  My power over the world as a Queen is a blessing and grace to all souls, to all nations, and to the whole world.  If I do not talk to you, you cannot speak to my Son.  If power over the world were not given to me, the world would have sunk into the hell of annihilation long ago.  My power is the power of Mother over the little ones, who without that protection would have been destroyed.

My power over the world means, furthermore, the power over all the archangels together with their hosts whom the Heavenly Father placed beside me to fight the Devil and his servants in human form, when the moment of my victory will come.

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